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Organic Dairy Farming (2006)NEW
Jody Padgham, Editor
A Belizean Rain Forest- The Community Baboon Sanctuary
by Dr. Robert Horwich and Dr. Jonathan Lyon


Community Conservation researchers have published and stimulated publications in a number of professional journals. A selected list of related topics is given below.
Community Conservation
Primate Ecology and Behavior
Crane Reintroduction
Turtle Ecology and Conservation
Infant Development
Avian Behavior & Ecology

Community Conservation

*NEW*Osei, D., Horwich, R.H., and Pittman, J.M. 2015. First Sightings of the Roloway Monkey (Cercopithecus diana rollaway) in Ghana in Ten Years and the Status of Other Primates in Southwestern Ghana. African Primates 10:25-40. (download pdf)
*NEW*Robert H. Horwich, Sam Shanee, Noga Shanee, Arnab Bose, Mark
Fenn and Joydeep Chakraborty. 2015. Creating Modern Community Conservation Organizations and Institutions to Effect Successful Forest Conservation Change, Chapter 6 in Precious Forests - Precious Earth, Dr. Miodrag Zlatic (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-2175-6, InTech, DOI: 10.5772/61133.(download pdf)
Anonymous. 1998. Transcript of Stakeholders' Workshop, Sarstoon-Temash National Park, February 22, 1997, Community Center Barranco Village, Toledo District, Belize, Producciones de la Hamaca, Caye Caluker, Belize, and Community Conservation Consultants, Gays Mills, Wisconsin, 39 pp. (download pdf)
Anonymous. 1989. Belizeans Conserve Their Howler Monkeys. International Primate Protection League Newsletter, 16(1):12. (download pdf)
*NEW* Allendorf, T., R. Das, A. Bose, B. Ray, K.D. Chaudhuri, S. Brock, R.H. Horwich. 2013. Motivations of the community forest protection forces of the Manas Biosphere Reserve in Assam, India. International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology. DOI: 10.1080/13504509.2013.816890 (download pdf)
Bernstein, Scott E. 2005. Defining and Building Community Capacity for Co-Management of Protected Areas in Belize. Master's Thesis. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. Contact: or (download pdf)
Bernstein, Scott E. 2005. Thirteen Training Objectives for Community-based Conservation. (Expanded description of the 13 training objectives identified in above Master's Thesis.) 3 pgs. (download pdf)
Bernstein, Scott E. 2005. Training Chart. (Chart comparing 6 evaluation/training methods to derive 13 training objectives identified in above Master's Thesis.) 2 pgs. (download pdf)
Bider, Jeanette J. 1997. Avian Use of Tropical Gallery Forest Patches in North-central Belize. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Arkansas.
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*NEW* Horwich, R.H., Das, R. and Bose, A. 2013. Conservation and current status of the golden langur in Assam, India with reference to Bhutan. Primate Conservation 2013 (27): 1-7(download pdf)
*NEW* Horwich, R.H., J. Lyon, A. Bose and Jones, C.B. 2012. Chapter 14, Preserving biodiversity and ecosystems: catalyzing conservation contagion. In: Deforestation Around the World. (ed. P. Moutinho), pp.283-318, InTech Rijeky, Croatia (INTECHOPEN.COM) (download pdf)
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Horwich, R.H., R. Islari, A. Bose, B. Dey, M. Moshahary, N.K. Dey, R. Das, and J. Lyon. 2010. Community Protection of the Manas Biosphere Reserve in Assam, India, and the Endangered golden langur Trachypithecus geei. Oryx 44(2): 252-260. (download pdf)
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Horwich, R.H. 2005. (bi-lingual) A Landowners Guide to Relevant Environmental Law in Papua New Guinea. Written for the Communities of the YUS Local Level Government, Kabwum Distrik, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea and the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program. Community Conservation, Gays Mills, WI: 72pp. (download pdf)
Horwich, R.H. 2005. (bi-lingual) Buk bilong ol Lo bilong lukautim Graun na Bus long Papua Niugini. Dispela buk em i buk bilong ol Komuniti insait long YUS Lokal Leval Gavman, Kabwum Distrik, Morobe Provins, Papua Niugini wantaim ol lain bilong Tri Kengeru Konsevesen Progrem. Community Conservation, Gays Mills, WI: 72pp. (download pdf)
Horwich, R.H., J. Lyon, and Scott Bernstein. 2004. An Evaluation Tool for Internal and External Assessments of Community-Based Conservation Projects. Unplublished Manuscript. 28pp. (download pdf)
Horwich, R.H. and J. Lyon. 1999. Rural Ecotourism as a Conservation Tool. Tourism Development in the Critical Environments, T.V. Singh (ed.), Cognizant Communication Corp., NY, pp. 102-119. (download pdf)
Horwich, R.H. and J. Lyon. 1998. Community-Based Development as a Conservation Tool: The Community Baboon Sanctuary and the Gales Point Manatee Project. Timber, Tourism and Temples, Conservation and Development in the Maya Forest of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. R.B. Primack, D. Bray, H.A. Galetti, and I. Ponciano (eds.), Island Press, Covelo, CA. pp. 343-363. (download pdf)(en enspanol, descarga pdf aqui)
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Wyman, M.S., Stein, T.V., Southworth, J. & Horwich, R.H. 2011. Does population increase equate to conservation success? Conservation and Society, 9(3):216-228. (download pdf)

Primate Ecology and Behavior

Biswas, J., D.K. Borah, A. Das, J. Das, P.C. Bhattacharjee, S.M. Mohnot, R.H. Horwich. 2011. The Enigmatic Arunchal Macaque: Its Biogeography, Biology and Taxonomy in Northeastern India. American Journal of Primatology, 73:1-16. (download pdf)
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Crane Reintroduction

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Turtle Ecology and Conservation

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Infant Development

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Avian Behavior
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